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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are CarLab(HK)™ Sunshades legal in Hong Kong?

Sunshades are allowedbecause it is removable and not permanent so It is legal to use in Hong Kong.

2. Are CarLab(HK)™ Sunshades Patented?

CarLab(HK)™sunshades are protected by Hong Kong and/or foreign patents or patents pending.We value creativity and will pursue all legal avenues at our disposal toprotect it worldwide.

3. Whatmaterials are CarLab(HK)™  Sunshades made?

Ourshades are made from high quality OEM materials. CarLab(HK)™ sunshade mesh fabric usedis many times thicker and more durable than a typical cheap generic sun shade.Handled well, it will last the lifetime of your vehicle.


4. Canmy window be used when CarLab(HK)™ Sunshades is in place?

Yes,CarLab(HK)™  sunshadesare perfectly fine to be used with the windows down, ensuring that you stillget some protection from the sun while having a breath of fresh air.

5. Ialready have an expensive tint installed, will CarLab(HK)™ Sunshades help?

Yes,CarLab(HK)™ Sunshades will make your vehicle morecomfortable by further reducing heat and blocking out glare from sunlight. Thesunshades are also certified to block out 70% of ultraviolet radiation. If yourvehicle is parked under the sun, CarLab(HK)™ Sunshades will lower thetemperature inside the vehicle slightly as well as allow your air conditioningto work more efficiently to cool the cabin quicker.

6. Myvehicle model is not listed.

Firstly,we apologize if your vehicle is not yet supported by CarLab(HK)™ Sunshades. Do drop us an e-mail with yourvehicle make and model and we will see what we can do. Also, do check thiswebsite from time to time as we are constantly updating our product portfoliowith more and more vehicle makes and models.