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Why CarLab(HK)™?

We offer quality custom fit window sunshades for over 400 models since 2013.We provide professional sunshade solution.We deliver satisfactory after-sales service. Our sunshades are all made in our ISO9001 and TS16949 certified factory.


CarLab(HK)™ sunshades are free from toxic heavy metals such as Cadmium (Cd), Lead (Pb) and Mercury (Hg). Such heavy metals are usually found in ink dyes and paint. All CarLab(HK)™ sunshades are certified free from toxic heavy metals by SGS.

Heat and UV-Ray exposure in cars can accelerate chemical breakdowns in materials. CarLab(HK)™ sunshades are tested for harmful substances. Our products are free from illegal substances.

Model: Renault Clio RS
Type: A+B+R

Model: Land Rover Discovery 4
Type: F+A+B+R

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